changing paradigms and shit.

I like to think of myself as the bastard lovechild of Miriam Makeba and Malcolm X dressed in a vintage susohiki kimono. I am highly stylized, opinionated but classic and useful as decoration -just like a woman ought to be.

#xoDVF is a Salone titi who's #changingparadigmsandshit on This tumblr chronicles my life as a hueman lover, writer, creative and social entrepreneur. Expect my holistic health teachings including mindful eating, raw food recipes, natural skin and hair regimens, #africangirllonghair. I spread light by way of discussions on being an Afropolitan in Americannah, loving the tragically colored, enlightenment, collective consciousness, philanthropy and spirituality #knowthyself.

Some may be humored, most aroused, others disgusted, all enlightened- you're welcome.

Are you a brand/business targeted at African millennials? Contact me for sponsorship opportunities at; Subject line: #carryculture sponsor.

Love and light, xoDVF

☎ Contact me: dvfrederic[at]
I am #Registered2Vote bc #MillennialsCount in #Election2012. #dcevents #Blackautumn #VoteReady  (Taken with Instagram at Mio Restaurant)

I am #Registered2Vote bc #MillennialsCount in #Election2012. #dcevents #Blackautumn #VoteReady (Taken with Instagram at Mio Restaurant)